Real Warfare 1242 e Call Of Fries gratis su Indiegala

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Real Warfare 1242 

Russia during the XIII century was a huge state, much larger than any other European country. Split by internal conflicts, and yet standing strong against numerous outer threats, it was attacked by the infamous Mongol Horde. They came suddenly and pierced through the country like a blazing arrow. The native people fought valiantly, led by a fierce warrior and prince, Prince Alexander Nevsky. Real Warfare: 1242, is a realistic real-time strategy game based on authentic historic events. It invites you to experience the glorious times of princes, knights and vast battles.

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Call of Fries

Call of Fries is a comical fries simulator. Fun physical arcade with drawn graphics and excellent music. No blood – only ketchup! Every potato dreams of getting in your mouth! But it’s not that easy. There are always a lot of obstacles on the way. Try to overcome all the traps and fill your stomach!

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