Licenza di 4 anni per AVG Internet Security 2015

Su Daily Software Deal è disponibile in maniera gratuita un seriale, che spero sia legale, che permetterà ai nuovi utenti di avere estendere la licenza gratuita di AVG Internet Security a 4 anni (normalmente scade dopo 1 anno…).

Please note, this freebie is really a extended trial of AVG Internet Security 2015 instead of an actual one year license. In terms of features and protections, there are no differences between a trial and a real license — you get all the same features, updates, and protection. The difference arises in who can install it. This is only for new users of AVG Internet Security. If you have used AVG Internet Security in the past, you will get less than 365 days or an expired license.

Questa è la License Key : 8MEH-RJR4R-7FDJ6-NL3DA-CRXQC-J­EMBR-ACED

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