Twitch Prime: i 5 titoli gratuiti di settembre 2018

Giornata ricca che prosegue con i 5 titoli che potete ottenere gratuitamente su Twitch Prime per tutto il mese di settembre 2018:

  • The Adventure Pals
    Venture into an action-packed platformer all about exploration and friendship… oh and riding your giraffe. You’ll slash and leap your way through crazy levels filled with traps, treasure and so much more.
  • Guild of Dungeoneering
    In a world where you’re the dungeon master, you will need to coax your heroes through their adventures as you attempt to restore glory to your guild. In this turn-based dungeon crawler, you will create the dungeon around your hero using cards to lay down monsters, rooms and even treasure! Will your hero have what it takes to navigate your creation?
  • Gunpoint
    Sneak your way into this cleverly designed puzzle game. You’ll play as a freelance spy tasked with breaking into high security buildings. Rewire traps and security cameras to navigate your way through and complete your mission!
  • The Original Strife:
    Considered by many to be one of the original FPS-RPG games, this game is a fun tried and true testament to the credit of the Doom 3D Engine.
  • Pumped BMX
    Originally developed by a single game developer, Pumped BMX is a game full of stunts and trick combos that span over 500 challenging levels.

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